From Sickness to Health: The Amazing Story of Lito’s Recovery and Success

Do you sometimes find yourself feeling like giving up on pursuing your dream?

Do you sometimes feel like success is out of your reach?

If you find yourself feeling discouraged, remember that some of the most famous success stories started out as complete failures.


So today, we’d like to share a story with you to consider before you give up on changing your life and achieving success. Our intention is sharing this story is to inspire you not to give up, and to persevere in the face of any challenges that you face. 

In this article, we share the success story of one of Santé International’s Diamond Executive Directors, Loreto “Lito” Labrador. Let his story become a source of endless inspiration for you. 

Loreto “Lito” Labrador  Sante Barley Testimonials

Diamond Executive Director

“I felt like I was cursed with poverty. Both my wife and I were sick. I was also suffering from hypertension. Adding to our woes was I kept failing my medical exam after I applied for an overseas job for the second time.”

Loreto “Lito” Labrador is a renowed Santé International Diamond Executive Director who overcame great personal and professional challenges before achieving success. 


His Story

From 1987 to 2011, Loreto “Lito” Labrador pursued different jobs to make ends meet. Working for over 24 years had left him without savings and struggling to meet his family’s daily needs. 

Like many other Filipinos, Lito had once pursued a job overseas, not for the perks it brings, but for the promise of a more decent life for his family. He made it to the Middle East, but he continued to face challenges. Although the pay was comparatively higher, Lito realized that working in a grocery store abroad still was not enough, and life away from his family was full of challenges. So, he decided against renewing his contract after it expired and came back to the Philippines for good. 

Given the difficulties he faced, he swore never to go back to the Middle East. But when his wife’s condition – who was diagnosed with a fungal lung infection – started to become worse; and he too, was found to have a heart disease, he contemplated on returning due to their growing expenses. By then, they were in and out of the hospital with no relief in sight. 

While waiting for the green light from his recruitment agency, Lito worked as a full-time personal driver for Santé International’s Chief Product Development Officer, Minette Carag. Initially, Lito was the family driver of Carag’s sister, who upon hearing the couple’s health struggles, introduced him to the potent ingredients of barley grass and the health benefits of Santé Barley. 

“My fervent prayer was for my wife to get well. She would take the capsules six times a day while I would drink the pure barley juice thrice daily. I felt better during the first few weeks of taking the products. Same thing happened to my wife. There was a time when our washing machine broke down, forcing her to hand wash our clothes. She said that she neither coughed nor felt weak while doing the laundry unlike before. After experiencing the positive results, I have since then made sure that we would never run out of Santé Barley products at home,” Lito said.


Since taking Santé Barley, Lito said he and his wife had stopped taking the medicines prescribed by their doctors.  

“Before buying Santé Barley products, my blood pressure was 150/100 and it would not go down to normal level despite taking my maintenance medicine. For a long time, I could not get a medical clearance to work overseas because of my condition. While I was taking the product, the recruitment agency called me to say that I was fit to go back to work. My blood pressure that time was 120/80. My agency could not believe it so I decided to have myself checked by another health facility. The result was the same; my blood pressure was normal,” he recalled.  

By this time, Lito was already introduced to the Santé Barley direct selling business. He was also able to sell Santé Barley products to some of his fellow drivers who were inspired by his story. At this point, Lito confesses that he was having second thoughts about pursuing his plan to go back abroad. 

“Ms. Minette told me, ‘You wanted to leave to earn more money but now, through this business, you can do it here. You do not need to work abroad but instead share with others how the products have changed your life.’ I took that advice into consideration. In this business, there is no need to hype. You just need to put your heart into it and continuously share the benefits of the products with others,” he said.

Following Carag’s advice, Lito stayed in the Philippines and focused on the business. His big break came when he received a large bulk of orders from a buyer living in Zamboanga. “The buyer has put up a branch in Zamboanga where I supply the products. Since then, I began to earn more than what I could get abroad. I was able to make P4 million driven by repeat orders in five years… In January 2012, I told Ms. Minette that I am resigning to become a full-fledged Santé Barley distributor.”



Starting with P4,000, Lito is earning more than his expectations today. In addition, he is now conducting training and giving talks to motivate others.

How to Become a Santé Distributor

To become a bonafide Santé Barley business owner or distributor, you must purchase one of the Santé Barley product packages. Along with the product package you have purchased, you need to completely fill out the membership form. 

Below are the product packages you need to choose from:

  • Starter Pack

Package Content:

  • 3 boxes Santé Barley PURE New Zealand
  • 1 box Santé PURE Barley New Zealand
  • Retailer Kit with Marketing Tools
  • Discount Coupons
  • Activation Card
  • Retailer Kit


  • Earn up to 50% Discounts on Barley Products
  • Business Opportunity
  • Personal Business Website
  • SMS Business System
  • Airload Distributorship
  • Affiliates Program
  • Big League Membership
  • 1 Activated Business Account
  • 1 Infinity Point
  • Lock Out 64
  • Builder Pack Plus

Automatic Senior Director

Package Content:

  • 2 Bottle Santé Barley PURE New Zealand
  • 2 Canister Santé PURE Barley New Zealand
  • 6 boxes Santé Barley PURE New Zealand
  • 2 boxes Santé PURE Barley New Zealand
  • 4 boxes Santé Barley Fusion
  • Discount Coupons
  • Retailer Kit
  • Activation Card
  • 1 Set Flipchart


  • Earn up to 50% Discounts on Barley Products
  • Business Opportunity
  • Personal Business Website
  • SMS Business System
  • Airload Distributorship
  • Affiliates Program
  • Big League Membership
  • 7 Activated Accounts
  • 3 Infinity Points
  • Infinity Lock 85
  • 100 Barley Points
  • Ultimate Pack Plus

Automatic Executive Director

Automatic Franchisee (additional 5% Discount on all products)

Package Content:

  • 30 Boxes Santé Barley PURE New Zealand capsule
  • 10 Boxes Santé PURE Barley New Zealand powder
  • 9 Canisters Santé PURE Barley New Zealand powder
  • 9 Bottles Santé Barley PURE New Zealand capsule
  • 20 boxes Santé Barley Fusion
  • 20 boxes Santé Choco Barley
  • 20 boxes Cest Bon Soap
  • Discount Coupons
  • Activation Card
  • Retailer Kit
  • 5 Sets Flipchart


Earn up to 50% Discounts on Barley Products

Global Business Opportunity

Personal Business Website

SMS Business System

Airload Distributorship


Affiliates Program

Big League Membership

15 Activated Accounts Plus 35 Commission Deductible Accounts

15 Infinity Points

Infinity Lock 12 

Please take note that the prices vary depending on where you buy the package. 


As a Santé Barley distributor, you will be provided with one or more Business Account(s) depending on the type of Santé Barley Product Package that you purchase. Moreover, depending on the Santé Barley Product Package that you purchase, you are entitled to several auxiliary business accounts to be paid through commission deductions. 

Ways to Earn Income as a Santé Barley Distributor

There are different ways that you can earn an income as a Santé Barley distributor

  • Retail Sales. 30% – 50% discount or retail profit on repeat order of Santé Barley products.
  • Fast Start Bonus. Earn $30 to $150 for every purchase of a Santé Distributor Pack of your personal sponsor.
  • Infinity Bonus. Earn $15 for every linked point from Distributor Product Packs sold on your Left Side and Right Side of your Business Account.
  • Builder Bonus. Build a monthly income through purchases of Distributors under your business account. 
  • Executive Bonus. Earn additional product group volume bonus up to infinity when you qualify GOLD ED, Platinum ED, and Diamond ED.
  • Diamond Royalty Bonus. Diamond Executive Directors will earn a lifetime Diamond Royalty Bonus on all their Diamond Executive Directors up to 3 generations. 
  • Performance Bonus. Executive Directors and above who continue to build their organization through loyal customers and developing new leaders will earn an additional income of up to 15%.
  • Car Programs. This includes car incentives, car allowances, and car monthly amortization assistance.
  • Travel Programs. Qualify for Regional Travel (7 days) and Global Travel (15 days). All expenses paid by the company. 

The Bottom Line

Be inspired by Lito’s story and start your journey as a Santé Barley distributor!



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