Karylle and Santé Barley: The Wonders of Barley Grass

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In this article, we’ll talk about barley grass and its benefits, and why Karylle – OPM showbiz royalty of the Philippines, singer-songwriter, actress, dancer, and TV host – has chosen it as her go-to health product. 

Karylle and Sante Barley


Karylle, despite her busy schedules with TV shows, shootings, and hosting, is known for being active and having a healthy lifestyle. So, to keep up with her demanding schedule while staying in optimal health, she chose to be on grass! 

In a statement, Santé International said that they chose Karylle as one of their endorsers because she fits the products and is known for Karylle’s active and healthy lifestyle. “The health benefits of Barley has long been recognized in ancient times and considered as the most strengthening grain by athletes of the Ancient Greece and gladiators of Rome,” the statement said.

Santé International claims that barley-based products, such as food supplements, barley coffee, and barley juice are “the best source of nutrients and aid to detoxify the body”. 

About Santé International

Founded in 2007, Santé produces, distributes, and promotes high-quality natural health and wellness products; as well as services, designed to help people live healthier lives. With Santé Barley as its flagship brand, Santé has dominated the local market with its certified organic barley grass grown and harvested in New Zealand. More recently, Santé has become the Philippines’ first company to be certified organic by BioGro.

With the proven health benefits of Santé Barley, Santé has developed a broad range of high-quality barley-based products. 


Today, Santé expanded its offerings to include a fitness and rehabilitation enter with its Santé Fitness Lab; and a range of natural products that remain true to the company’s thrust in promoting a healthier lifestyle. 

Headquartered in the Philippines, Santé has offices worldwide, including in Hong Kon, Singapore, Qatar, Cyprus, Nigeria, UAE, and New Zealand.  

Health Benefits of Barley

Today, an alarmingly large number of people are not getting all the nutrients from the food they eat, resulting in deficiencies with serious health repercussions. Nutrient deficiency contributes to a range of health problems, such as fatigue and chronic diseases, to name a few.

To address and make up for this nutrient deficiency, various food or dietary supplements are continuously flooding the market. They claim to have natural, powerful, and healthy ingredients not only to add nutritional value to the diet, but also lessen the risk of diseases.

In the Philippines, Santé International’s Pure Barley is a food supplement with reliable results. Santé Pure Barley is a pure organic barley grass powdered drink best taken thrice a day before meals. 


Blended with one of nature’s most potent sweeteners, Stevia, Santé Pure Barley contains pure organic barley grass from New Zealand. 

Barley grass (Hordeum vulgare) has one of the most balanced nutrient profiles. It contains a broad range of essential vitamins, amino acids, chlorophyll, enzymes, minerals, proteins, phytochemicals, and phytonutrients – all of which are vital to building stronger internal organs and immune system. 

Santé Barley grass grows and is harvested on the fertile soils of the farms of Canterbury Plains of New Zealand, considered among the world’s least polluted environments and which use clean water irrigation. The farms are certified organic by BioGro, New Zealand’s foremost organic certification agency. 

Listed below are some of the benefits of barley grass.

  • Fills Nutritional Gaps 

Barley grass is so packed with nutrients and minerals that consumers can rely on it to fill any nutritional gaps in their diets. Vegas and vegetarians, especially, may find it hard to get all the nutrition they need by eating only plant-based foods. But because barley grass is nutritionally complete, it’s a great dietary supplement. 

  • Promotes Bone Health

Containing 11 times more calcium than milk, barley grass juice is a great source of this mineral, particularly for people who don’t eat dairy products. Its store of manganese can also improve normal bone production. 

  • Improves Skin Health

Being a source of selenium, barley grass can significantly improve the overall health and elasticity of your skin. Barley grass benefits your skin’s elasticity, which prevents further harmful issues such as developing folds of loose skin. Moreover, it protects the skin from damage done by external factors, such as cold air, wind and harmful UV rays. Smog and exhaust fumes are some common factors that damage the skin, so if you live in a city, barley grass will help keep your skin youthful and healthy. Further, the other nutrients in barley grass, such as vitamin B, iron and chlorophyll also improve skin quality. 

  • Cancer Prevention

Barley grass protects human tissue cells against carcinogens. While the mechanism of action is still unknown, experts believe it may be associated with the plant’s chlorophyll content or antioxidant activity. It has been suggested that complexes may be formed between the chlorophyll and carcinogen that may deactivate the carcinogen. Moreover, antioxidants – including superoxide dismutase – which are found in high concentrations in green barley juice protect against free radicals and radiation. 

  • Body Detoxification

Barley grass is a powerful detoxifier. The presence of selenium, copper, and zinc makes barley grass very effective in eliminating the harmful heavy metals accumulated in our bodies. Plus, the high levels of chlorophyll and beta-carotene stimulate the elimination of waste materials. This ‘supergrass’ is also an effective liver cleanser, supporting vital metabolic processes. 

  • Chronic Disease Prevention

Loaded with bioactive compounds like bioflavonoids and superoxide dismutase, barley grass scavenges free radicals in the body. This may play a crucial role in reducing inflammation in chronic diseases, such as gout, arthritis, and rheumatoid synovitis. 

Barley grass is commonly used as a supplement in smoothies or simply mixed with water. To use Santé Pure Barley, simply pour one sachet in a glass with 6oz of water. Stir well. The 3g nutrient-packed Santé Pure Barley is the perfect organic drink to complete one’s healthy, well-balanced diet. 

The Bottom Line


Fill nutritional gaps with Santé Pure Barley and live a healthy, well-balanced life today!



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