Matteo Guidicelli: Santé Fitspiration (+ 3 Barley Grass Benefits)

As a model, actor, businessman, triathlete, and member of the armed forces, Matteo Guidicelli knows how important it is for him to stay healthy so he could live more and do more. And because there are so many exciting developments in both his career and personal life lately, the need to stay healthy so he could enjoy his life to the fullest has become even more important to him.

In this article, we’ll talk about barley grass and its benefits, and why Matteo Guidicelli – a renowned model, actor, businessman, and triathlete – has chosen it as his go-to health product.

Matteo Guidicelli: Embodiment of Healthy Living

Matteo Guidicelli, without a doubt, is a celebrity fitspiration. He is very active – aside from being an actor and model – Matteo Guidicelli is also a health buff and is involved in several activities; he is also a triathlete and former kart racer.


With his healthy lifestyle, it’s no wonder why Santé has chosen Matteo as their newest brand ambassador. In fact, according to Santé CEO Joey Marcelo, “Aside from being an actor, singer, and a triathlete, Matteo Guidicelli embodies healthy living. As a company, this is what we, at Santé, are passionate about. We are glad and excited to welcome Matteo to the Santé family and, we hope that he will serve as a true fitspiration for everyone.”

For his part, Matteo Guidicelli expressed his excitement, particularly that he has known Santé as a brand that promotes a healthier, more active lifestyle.

“I would always see Santé Barley in the tri suits of top triathletes and sabi ko sarili ko, I feel that this is such a healthy lifestyle brand that I really want to be proud of. Kuya Kim has it on his tri suits. So sabi ko sa kanya, ‘Sana one day maka-endorse din ako ng produktong ito. And true enough after six years, our paths crossed again and I’m representing them,” Matteo Guidicelli told the media.

“But this is more than just an endorsement to me, it’s a lifestyle. Something I really believe in. And also, at first I thought it was just a healthy drink. But now I get to know them, it’s more than that. Santé Barley gives so much businesses to people and gives them a whole livelihood. They have people from nothing to big millionaires now because of the business opportunities,” Matteo Guidicelli added.

Matteo Guidicelli also says, “I’m very blessed that my family grew up super health-conscious especially with the triathlon community, but of course, this is my advocacy. This is what I believe, to always keep a healthy lifestyle — not just by exercise but also by nutrition and lifestyle. So I will continue this and spread the advocacy, spread it to my loved ones and to everybody in the future.”[1]

About Santé

Founded in 2007, Santé produces, distributes, and promotes high-quality natural health and wellness products; as well as services, designed to help people live healthier lives. With Santé Barley as its flagship brand, Santé has dominated the local market with its certified organic barley grass grown and harvested in New Zealand. More recently, Santé has become the Philippines’ first company to be certified organic by BioGro.


With the proven health benefits of Santé Barley, Santé has developed a broad range of high-quality barley-based products.

Today, Santé expanded its offerings to include a fitness and rehabilitation enter with its Santé Fitness Lab; and a range of natural products that remain true to the company’s thrust in promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Headquartered in the Philippines, Santé has offices worldwide, including in Hong Kon, Singapore, Qatar, Cyprus, Nigeria, UAE, and New Zealand. 

Barley Grass Benefits

Barley grass contains substantial amounts of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C and E. It also contains folate (also known as vitamin B9). Barley grass is also abundant in calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc.

Packed with nutrients and minerals, barley grass comes with a broad range of health benefits.

  1. Digestive Health

A healthy digestive system is one of the foundations of good health; barley grass is a natural source of organic sodium which is required by the lining of the stomach to produce hydrochloric acid – without which our food can’t be digested. Also packed with digestive enzymes, these substances can help to reduce indigestible and toxic materials in food.


Barley grass is also very high in chlorophyll – a natural body cleanser which can help counter the effects of eating processed foods and gives an overall energy boost.

  1. Immune Boosting

Barley grass is naturally packed with many key nutrients that help support the immune system, including antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It is also very high in vitamin C which is vital to the overall health of the body in its efforts to fight off both viral and bacterial infections.

Alongside other immune supporting minerals and vitamins, barley grass is also high in the amino acid, arginine. This is particularly effective in helping the body heal from wounds, burns, and other injuries.

  1. Detoxification

Extremely alkalizing and rich in essential minerals and vitamins, barley grass is a rich source of chlorophyll – a compound that converts sunlight into energy within the plant. When chlorophyll is consumed it releases a flow of oxygen into the bloodstream, detoxing the body of harmful impurities and toxins, it has the ability to bind to and flush out heavy metals and toxic chemicals. 

Barley grass also offers protection from cellular damage and radiation, regenerating damaged cells and tissues. It is such a powerful cleanser that it is highly recommended to start slowly to avoid detox symptoms, such as nausea, headaches, and rashes. This is normal and is typically triggered by the release of toxins from the tissue and cells; however, should these symptoms persist, it is advised you contact your healthcare professional.

The Bottom Line

Santé produces, distributes, and promotes high-quality natural health and wellness products, one of which is Santé Barley.


Made from high-quality barley grass, Santé Barley offers a range of health benefits – it is a nutritional powerhouse that improves digestive health, boosts the immune system, detoxifies the body, reduces inflammation, promotes bone health, improves energy and stamina, reduces cancer risk, normalizes blood sugar levels, and maintains skin health – just to name a few.

With its many health benefits, its no wonder why health-conscious people like Matteo Guidicelli has chosen it as their go-to health supplement.



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