Why Santé Barley? Success Stories of Santé Barley Users

Discover why thousands of people around the country use Santé Barley Grass to achieve optimal health and well-being. 

In this article, we talk about the benefits of barley grass. We also share success stories from some of our satisfied customers. 

What is Barley Grass?


Barley is a type of grain that’s considered the 4th most important cereal crop in the world. Also known as barley greens and barley leaves, barley grass is the leaf of the barley plant. It has been extensively studied for its beneficial health effects and is often featured in many green juices and supplements. 

The Green Superfood: Barley Grass Benefits

Packed with nutrients, barley grass offers a broad range of essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins beneficial for the body. It is a nutritional powerhouse that helps strengthen the immune system, reduces harmful cholesterol, normalized blood sugar levels, aids digestion, boosts stamina and energy, promotes bone health, and has anti-aging properties – to name a few of its health benefits. 

Barley grass is so rich in vitamins and nutrients that many people have come to rely on it to fill in nutritional gaps in their diets. Vegetarians and vegans use it to supplement their plant-based diets since every 100 grams of Barley contains as much as 12 grams of protein!

Today, Santé International sources out the purest organic barley from Canterbury, New Zealand, a central-eastern region of the country’s South Island. The farms on which Santé International’s product is grown are all certified organic. This means that Santé Barley Grass is grown without artificial fertilizers or chemical pesticides. Moreover, the Canterbury region is considered as one of the cleanest and least polluted regions in the world. 

Success Stories of Santé Barley Users


Below, we share success stories from some satisfied Santé Barley users. Read their testimonials and discover how Santé Barley is changing lives for the better. 

“It’s True: You Are What You Eat. I’ve had acne for 4 years, those were the days that I would just stay inside and try every possible way to get rid of it. Until my one of my friends introduced Santé Barley to me and after that all good things come to place. My Skin reflects the quality of the things I put in my body.  Not only did Santé help me cleared my skin, became healthy but they also played a big role into shaping my character into what I am today, for that I will be forever grateful.” – Pinky Mary Ann Ramirez

Sante Barley lang ang nakatulong sakin nung ako ay nagkasakit ng Lupus. It is God’s gift to Humanity. Best barley in the market, true to its promise of helping people live better lives. Thank you Santé!” – Adrienne Jay Comia Palmos

“Sante Barley is my immune booster. It is definitely a certified organic barley grass from New Zealand. You should try Sante Barley now, so you can also experience how good and effective the product is!” – Rina M. Fernandez

“Yes It’s Help People Live Better Lives. Diabetic po ako since im start using Sante Barley  unti unti binawasan ng doktor ung dosage ng synthetic drugs ko which is Janumet(metformin) and as of now im not taking synthetic drugs na nakakasira ng liver and kidney natin im a proud user of Certified Organic Sante Barley. #ImOnGrass” – Bogs Borrega

“In 2009, Janette was initially diagnosed with nasal polyps. After a CT scan and biopsy of tissue sample, she was diagnosed with SINONASAL UNDIFFERENTIATED CARCINOMA or cancer.After the operation, the lump got bigger. She experienced sudden weight loss in 2010 and so went to PGH to undergo another CT scan. She also underwent radiation therapy. She started taking Santé Barley Pure in July 2010. She started with 2 caps in the morning and 2 caps in the evening before meals. On the 4th day, blood and pus started coming out of her nasal passages. After a week, she took Santé Pure Barley New Zealand powder, one sachet in the morning and one sachet in the evening before meals. After taking Santé Barley products, the number of radiation treatments was reduced to 25 instead of 40 sessions. Her last CT scan of the neck done at the PGH on October 8, 2010 showed that the cancerous mass had reduced in size from 6.0×5.0x6.5cm to 5.0×4.2×5.5 cm. Thanks to the contribution of our Santé Pure Barley New Zealand for her miraculous recovery!” – Janette L. Capillo


Sobrang Ganda ng product.maraming tao n nakapag patunay n talagang sila ay gumaling sa pag inom ng BARLEY juice.Salamat sa Santé pati anak ko napagaling nia…sante BARLEY healing grass..keep Faith.” – Eva Aguilera Young 

Santé Barley product helps in enhancing the immune system for healthier body. The business side of the product helps people achieve financial and time freedom. The company remains true to the mission of “Helping others live better lives.” – Jeffrey Militante

“Sante Barley??? Lahat kami “boung family ko pati inlaws ko” gumagamit n2 d2 lang kc kami gumaling, my 18yrs of headache na d kayang mapagaling ng doctor d2 lang gumaling,  hubby ko with 8yrs maintenance of high blood now normal na BP nya ang cholesterol,  madami pang unhealthy sa family ko na napagaling ng sante kaya we very thankful to God for having sante barley,  try nyo din po para malaman nyo how barley works. for inquiries and orders pm me lang po tenk u.” – Jerustar Wun 

“Isa ako s mag papatunay na magaling ang product ng SANTE BARLEY,dati akong may vertigo na halos d ako makatayo pero sa tulong ng sante barley nawala ang vertigo ko.Kaya i myself recommended sante barley.” – Abel Ancheta

“Thank You Sante Barley! This is the one who helped my mother after her stroke (brain).. After 1 week in ICU, the doctor prescribed a lot of medicine, but she still didn’t do okay.. When someone offered me this product, after stroke 1 mnt taking this capsule 2 x a day, we see the big improvement. active memory came back and the one he was thinking that his left arm was painful, it’s okay now. Bp, blood sugar and other lab tests, we were surprised that everything became normal. After that, I’m just ordering from Lazada, the promo buy 2 boxes for P1300 it seems that the one who offered this product has already moved to the house. But realy thankful to him for introducing this product.” – Paul Martin

“About the Organic Sante Barley Products from New Zealand can help heal a lot of diseases especially with the faith in God as our healer. I was healed from my 8 Diseases on the first 3weeks my Severe Migraine, Severe Tonsilitis and Numbness of my hands then after 3months my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Numbness of my Hands, Allergic Rhinitis, Falling of Hair/Alopecia Areata and Heart Problem Totally All Gone! No more medications, clinics and hospital for this past 5years. I Thank God for the blessings as me and my growing whole SPEARHEADS TEAM keep on sharing the Good News of our LIfe Changing Opportunity!” – Denrae Domasing


Sa totoo lang first time ko lang makagamit ng product ng sante barley ilang weeks pa lang ako gumagamit pero iba ang feeling ko yun bang hinahanap na siya ng katawan ko parang kulang ang tubig na iniinom ko kung walang halong barley at sa mga narinig kong testimonies kagabi sa wellness training ni Doc. Run Unidad eh mukang very effective ang barley sa anu man klase ng sakit basta sundin kung ano ang dapat gawin para sa mabilisan pagrecover ng sarili…kaya sa mga hindi pa nakakasubok tara wag ng mgalin langan pa subukan niyo na kung ang yun mga ibang herbal meds sinusubukan niyo bat ito hindi niyo subukan para malaman niyo kung alin ang mas effective yun mga dati o ito….” – Marc Luis

“About my experience, I’m very proud to recommend grass barley pure organic from New Zealand….I tried different kind of organic, differnt kind of products, but only barley grass makes me feel better and satisfied. The benefits as long you follow the direction of how we drink it will get the result of it…if you wanna boost your strength and immune system, specially when u feeling weak, physically, tried to take every 3 hours…I experience it that’s why I’m sharing it with all of you my friends…hwag isipin na mahal kaya natin tinitipid ang pag inom, at saka nyo na tipirin kapag malaks na immune system at ok na ang pakiramadm ..kung iisipin na ma.over dose, hindi po gamot ang barley, pure vege po ito, ako work 10 hours a day at age of 60,kaya ko.pa pala yon sa tulong ng aking barley….tingnan po ninyo ang ka edad ko, na walang prevention, kung ano na hitsura ….salamat sa may lalng nito ang dios na jehovah,sya ang aking lakas at ang pure barley grass…lahat po ng bagay di makikita ang resulta kung ang pag inom isa isa lang sa isang araw…di po totoo pag inom pa lang ng one week or ilang beses may resulta na agad…ako one year bago ko nakita benefits nito,ng lubos…dapat mag papaopera ako ng tyroid,ngayon hindi na kasi lumiit na talaga,alergy,sinus,lagat sa tulong po ng dios na jehovah ,pangala ang. Prevention better than cure…this susan chua IM ON GRASS.” – Susan Chua 

The Bottom Line

Santé Barley has changed many lives for the better. It has helped countless people live healthier and fuller lives.

Try it out for yourself and discover its many health benefits!



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  4. It’s a joy that you have a choco flavored barley. I prefer the taste than the original one but i still drink it because of the health benefits it gives me. Fast delivery and very polite staff when they called me to confirm my order and also informed me about the delivery. Thank you.

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